Breast Lifting

The breasts that complete the aesthetic vision of the woman’s body must be vertical, ideal in size, and symmetrical. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, severity, frequent weight gain, genetic factors, menopause, use, and aging result in decreased breast volume and looseness of ligaments connecting the breast tissue to the anterior chest wall. This results in sagging of the breast and nipple skin.
Breast sagging, which gives an aesthetically unpleasant appearance, can cause sociological and psychological problems in women.

In normal cases, the nipple stays above the fold line at the bottom of the nozzle. However, over time, the nipple begins to descend into the breasts that lose their elasticity and tissue volume. In this case, the most effective and permanent solution is breast surgery lifting remodeling, which gives a perfect fullness and a perfect stiffening for breasts that have lost their volume and shape.

Breast Lifting ✅

Degrees of Split Breasts

There are several degrees of the slump on the breasts. The degree of sagging is usually measured relative to the alignment of the nipple with the line under the breast. Sagging 1st degree (light): If the nipple is near the bottom or aligned with it, it is called 1st degree sagging (slight). In case of slight sagging, only the tissues are removed from the circumference of the brown part of the breast. If there is a decrease in breast tissue volume, a prosthesis may be placed under the breast. Second-degree collapse (middle): The tip of the nipple is 1 to 3 cm below the fold line under the nipple. The 2nd degree (in the middle) is called moderate subsidence. In this case, a thin incision surrounding the brown part of the breast and descending to the breast fold is removed, the excess skin is removed and the nipple is moved where it should be. 3rd-degree collapse (forward): The tip of the nipple 3 cm or more below the bottom of the nipple line is called sagging forward. An inverted T-shaped incision is made and in this case, a horizontal scar will remain under the chest. However, the advantage of this accuracy is in the fact that the nozzle can have a complete conical and round shape.


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